A Day in the Life…

  Imagine yourself waking up in your very own comfortable and cozy apartment surrounded by your own treasured mementos.  Enjoying your sense of contentment in you decision to move to CCH. Today you start with a morning stroll.  As you head out the door, you grab your newspaper with plans to have a light breakfast.  Along the way you pass by friendly folks who just like you are starting their day.  Arriving at the café you select a breakfast of a homemade muffin with a steaming cup of java, enjoying the ambiance of the new cafe.  As the morning unfolds you stop by the gift shop to pick up a birthday card for your grandson.You meet up with your friends as your make way to the beautifully appointed chapel for bible study.      Liz Anne Photography (92 of 103) As you leave the chapel, tempting aromas draw you through a sun filled living room and into an open elegant dining room where you can enjoy restaurant style meals of your choosing. After enjoying a leisurely lunch, catching up with friends, the CCH bus awaits you .

Today’s trip includes stops at local markets, banks and the pharmacy. Arriving back home, you return to your apartment for some well deserved relaxation before the evening meal.  It’s time for dinner.   Your toughest decision, is deciding whether to cook for yourself, or enjoy the convenience of a meal in the café or dining room.   The night is young, there is still time for aLiz Anne Photography (85 of 103) card game or two with old friends as well as new.  Returning to your apartment, you recall the day, content in your decision to live at CCH. You chuckle to yourself, remembering your apprehension about making Canton Christian Home Your Home.

Your life is rich and full at CCH.

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